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Specializing in Fort Wayne, IN Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Fred Wehrwein  is a Fort Wayne Bankruptcy Lawyer and can help with answering questions about filing a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

Fred Wehrwein completed a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and a law degree from Western State University College of Law.

  • He has practiced law since 1977 and limited his practice to bankruptcy matters specializing in consumer and small business reorganization since 1984.
  • In the past thirty years, Fred has counseled thousands of individual, families and small businesses in order to maximize the retention of money and property while eliminating and reorganizing debt in bankruptcy filings.

Advice from Fort Wayne Bankruptcy Lawyer

Do not hire bankruptcy attorneys from another state who claim to be able to reorganize debts, these others are not Fort Wayne bankruptcy firms. Do not retain a firm or individual in another state in order to help you with a foreclosure!  These individuals or firms offer to stop foreclosure or to eliminate or reduce credit card debt. They often claim that they have a 97% success rate. These firms guarantee to save your home or reduce or eliminate other debts. These kinds of claims are telltale signs of a foreclosure deception or rip off. Steer clear of anyone who offers an easy out.

Do not pay any business, organization or person who promises to prevent foreclosure or reduce or eliminate debt. These so-called foreclosure rescue companies or debt reducing entities claim that they can help save your home or have debts reduced, but are really out to make a quick dollar. Some may require hefty fees in advance and then stop returning your phone calls. Others may string you along before disclosing their charges. Some scammers offer to handle financial arrangements for you, but then just pocket your money. In time you will notice that your debts are not going down or your mortgage is not being paid.

Trust in an experienced Fort Wayne Bankruptcy Attorney,  to help get you out of debt. Contact me, Fred Wehrwein to discuss your needs and how filing a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, may be right for you.

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